Lost At Sea


Ludum Dare Link

Lost at sea was released on the first of May 2023 for Ludum Dare 53 and it marks the first ever game released with the new framework. The source code can be found on github and it is actively being developed to prepare for a itch.io launch.

The games development was a success and the development went much smoother than the last game-jam game i made (Get The Last) which was developed in Fjord 1. The framework still lacks a robust level editor which made me have to create one during the jam which i also had to do for Get The Last. Only this time it took half the time to make it twice as good. It was mostly due to the extensive Ui library in Fjord 2 that auto layouts all the buttons for you and is made for fast prototyping.

I'm looking forward to partaking in the GMTK 2023 Game Jam to further test out the capabilities of Fjord. I also think most of the foundations are complete enough in order to start work on a GUI editor for level making and other functionality. Of course the framework will still be code-only but having an editor where you can edit assets graphically would be a huge step towards making actual games with Fjord.